SOLCAP was launched as a platform for community banks to invest solar array projects and recognize the associated federal renewable energy tax credits.  Fortune 1000 companies and large, national and regional banks have made direct tax equity investments in solar projects for over a decade.  Community banks can now co-invest into portfolios of solar projects and achieve the same benefits.  SOLCAP facilitates and underwrites these investments for our bank customers at a scale that would not otherwise be available to them.

KeyState Renewables, LLC and Corner Power, LLC are the managing members of SOLCAP. KeyState provides community banks with independent and innovative services in the areas of investments, risk management, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance.  Founded in 1991, KeyState serves over 150 community banks across the country. Based in Las Vegas, NV, KeyState has additional offices in Wilmington, DE and Burlington, VT.  www.key-state.com

Corner Power’s team of seasoned solar energy professionals has been engaged in the development, financing (tax equity and debt) and fund management of distributed generation solar projects for over 12 years. Corner’s team has sourced, developed and operated solar and energy storage projects for the C&I, municipal and utility markets in the U.S. and India and is based in New York, NY with offices in San Francisco.  https://cornerventures.com


For more information about SOLCAP, please contact us:

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CEO of the Managing Member
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Project Finance Manager
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Director of Finance, KeyState Renewables
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